One Wireless Wall Sensor and Register per Room

One Wireless Master Unit per House



No Wires  -  Easy Installation 

Automated, Adaptive  -  No Programming Required

Lower Energy Usage -  Good For the Earth

Increased Comfort, Lower Cost   - Good for you


MountainWise makes sense!


Environmental Problem:

Homes account for 1/4 of US energy consumption and 4.6% of global greenhouse emissions. That energy is used inefficiently.


How big is this issue?

Core US home energy use is equal to 1/2 trillion barrels of oil annually, or enough oil to fill all 30 major league ball parks, with enough left over for a few oil changes.

Do you want to save money and improve the comfort of your home at the same time?  

Do you want to be part of the solution to reduce the world’s energy consumption?   

Yes - then you need


MountainLogic Inc.’s MountainWise solution could enable millions of homes which utilize forced air HVAC systems in the U.S. and Canada to reduce their core energy bill by over 40 percent, their CO2 by 13 tons annually or the equivalent of taking 2.2 cars off the road, all while significantly improve the comfort of their homes. 

Using integrated sensors and adaptive processing, the MountainWise system learns the rhythm of a home; when a homeowner awakes on a workday, what times the kitchen is utilized, and when occupants go to bed. Computer algorithms individually prepare each room to the desired temperature at the anticipated time. By learning how the entire home is utilized and how each of the spaces are personalized by that specific family, the MountainWise system reduces the energy consumed in areas that are vacant, resulting in maximum comfort and efficiency.

Effectively managing the human factors of living in a home is where this system both promises measurable benefits and delivers reliable and incremental energy savings.


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