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MountainWise Overview

MountainWise™ is a highly efficient, networked automated energy controls  and management system designed and priced for residential use. Our technology can reduce core energy usage by over 40 percent by only producing energy where it benefits the occupants. With a short payback period, homeowners will quickly realize a significant return on investment and in the long run bring an end to high utility bills and wasted energy.

Think about this. Do you control every light in your home with just one light switch? Of course not. Then why do we heat or cool every room in a home when residents are in just one or two rooms? With MountainWise, each room is treated as an individual area. No more cold or hot spots; just the comfort you want, in the room you are in.   Wall sensors pick up on occupant movements and immediately respond with efficient lighting and home comfort actions. The result is the elimination of wasted energy and costly utility bills, while increasing the comfort of your home.

MountainWise then goes one step further.  We take the hassle out of  reliably achieving the energy savings and improving the comfort of your home.  It is a pain to have to walk around to each room to turn off the lights.  We eliminate that pain for heating and cooling your home.  The MountainWise system features advanced software that can learn occupant’s needs and habits over time and predict when energy usage will be required. For example, if you get up every morning and head to the kitchen at 6 a.m., MountainWise software will learn from your daily patterns and prepare the kitchen to a desired temperature before you arrive.  Our innovative adaptive processing engine takes the potential of an advance zoning and control system, and ensures that it can reliably produce the energy savings and comfort improvements.


· Room by room temperature monitoring: Using wireless temperature sensors, MountainWise continuously monitors the temperature in every room ensuring comfort.

· Independent temperature controls for each room: Patent pending controls focus conditioning on the rooms you want instead of the rooms you don't. This achieves superior comfort and efficiency for every room of your home.

· Automation: MountainWise learns and adapts to the rhythm of your house.  Although you could, you won’t need to adjust the temperature in each room. Whether based on your predictable routine or by quickly adjusting to unexpected occupancy of a room,  MountainWise will manage every room independently to the desired temperature.

· Easy-to-use interface: For those times when you want to make manual adjustments MountainWise provides a simple to use interface in each room to quickly and easily make temperature adjustments .




One Wireless Wall Sensor and Register per Room

One Wireless Master Unit per House



No Wires  -  Easy Installation 

Automated, Adaptive  -  No Programming Required

Lower Energy Usage -  Good For the Earth

Increased Comfort, Lower Cost   - Good for you


MountainWise makes sense!